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16 June 2021

[Crowdfunding] Laurent FARGES (TBS 2008) Les Gaulois, Bakery with a zero waste objective

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Les Gaulois is a short-circuit bakery whose concept also includes zero waste and fresh products !

We are traditional chefs and we have founded the bakery together. We make it possible to get the real taste of traditional French baking craftsmanship. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. 

You can join this adventure for the first ever zero waste bakery and your contribution will go towards financing the work and equipment !

Les Gaulois, what's it all about ?

100% traditional bakery whose aim is for zero waste
At Les Gaulois, the core values of our traditional bakers, pastry chefs and caterers are our high level of expectation, passion and thoroughness 
We want to spread the taste of real French baking. 
Our dream is to continue longterm, keeping tradition going by providing training for our employees so that they, in turn, can open their own Les Gaulois bakeries.

The Gaul family has naturally rallied round to support this ambitious project.  

Our Values

  • Good for the planet 
  • Good for taste 
  • Good for the body
  • Good for society 

And we believe in it ! 

The Gaul Tribe 

Two intrepid artisans:

Olivier Boudot: one of th two founders, he is our Chief Baker, but in the beginning he will be making pastries 
Xavier Cotte: Head teacher at Institut Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for 15 years.

Their techniques, which come from several years' experience in prestigious institutions, are the driving force behind their quality. 

We need your support !

Why help?

To change the world with a French bread stick first ! Financial support will fund the creation of the bakery of tomorrow where French craftsmanship and taste will be accompanied by the invention of new ways to reach zero waste. 

We may not realize that a bakery represents a considerable amount of waste when the food is thrown out every night, despite anti-waste apps. Massive amounts of packaging are used as well. There are 33 000 bakery businesses in France so you can imagine the impact we can make together with a zero-waste bakery! It can be done ! 


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