As a student or a graduate, your TBS identity is first and foremost revealed through your profile in the directory. In order to reinforce your employability, to keep up to date on news from the network, to receive invitations to events all over the world, what is more efficient than being seen? It is free, quick and a great habit to get into!

Why have a directory profile, I am already on LinkedIn and Facebook?

  • There is a difference between social networks using those tools quoted above and “physical social communities”. If, in reality, they are somewhat complimentary, they do not overlap completely. The strength of bonds grown during our studies, shared common values and common themes, all reinforce our bonds and provide career opportunities, the chance to meet up, etc. that go beyond our greatest expectations. The feeling of belonging and the pride of being part of the TBS Community are at the heart of TBS Alumni philosophy.
  • And above all, your School’s directory is the only one to include ALL Alumni from your School.

Why do I have an Alumni profile, I am a student?

We believe that the students of today are the graduates of tomorrow. As soon as you start at the school, you become part of our Alumni network.

If you get into the habit of keeping your profile visible and up to date from the start, when you might want to consult an Alumni for:

  • advice about your future plans,
  • finding your mentor,
  • help on a student project, etc.,

 the Alumni will immediately know who you are.

Why provide a postal address, I have an email address?

  • We send out invitations according to geographical criteria. We are present on 5 continents!
  • Our volunteers in the Chapters (geographical groups) are always happy to welcome you, as a student, on your work placement, a graduate living in the same city, or simply if you are on vacation in the area…

Why show my professional situation? 

Traineeships, short-term or permanent employment, company creation, looking for employment or changing jobs: we are interested in all your professional activities!

  • Are you looking for new employment or for your next traineeship? Recruiters are interested in your career path. You can include your CV online.
  • Elite higher education establishments are regularly assessed on performance and employability of their graduates: a centralized directory is the only way to give real visibility on the success of our former students.

Why do you want to know what my professional income is?

If you need to know what salary level you can hope for at your age and in your area of business, the only way we can provide you with pertinent information is if we have your own data.

Again, these criteria are regularly part of surveys and rankings and accreditation processes.

All the information you provide is ultra-protected and analyzed anonymously.