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14 June 2021

Marion FELIX (TBS 2009) - TBS Innovation Day 2021 edition: Feedback by our Alumni

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Did you miss TBS TBS Innovation Day ?

Don't panic ! Here is a summary of the day that was so exciting and inspirational by Marion Felix (TBS 2009) who had the chance to take part, "in the hope that it will encourage you to join in next year!" 

TBS Innovation Day was organized on 8th June. This event brings the entire TBS community together on the theme of educational innovation. There is a pitch competition entitled "My innovation plan in 180 seconds". I was part of the jury and my role was to reward 5 groundbreaking, disruptive projects in the three following categories : 

  • Best Digital Shift : "Loops, tackling world complexity", a responsible project to teach students complex thinking, an essential skill in the 21st C.   
  • Best Upgrade : "Try out my life, mark your own exam papers". This project was about getting students involved in marking their own work.  
  • Best Fresh Design : "French Kiss : teaching & creativity", whereby students co-build their educational programs. 

Without forgetting the Jury Favorite and Public Favorite Awards :

  • "Virtual fly-in 360" : the project was about a remote, mobile, inter-campus immersion experience  
  • "Board Game", which simplifies complex, educational notions in a board game for students.

TBS Innovation Day also included conferences on innovation live on all 4 campuses, as well as a workshop called « TBS We are Peers » in which participants tested a new learning experience between peers. Everyone  got really involved and it was very lively.

The whole day was not only a breath of fresh air for me during the complicated time we are going through, but it opened up a whole new realm of opportunities that can be created in such a crisis. Reinventing our remote work methods, pushing out boundaries with virtual tools, bringing groups of people together - people who are not used to working together - around common ideas and innovative solutions, etc. 

"...What a wealth of resources we hold in the palm of our hands to build the world of tomorrow ! "

For me personally, it was a real pleasure to come back to the school 15 years after I first set foot on the Toulouse campus, and to see familiar faces, teachers and staff. It was my chance to discover over again school's capacity to adapt and innovate : this day was a perfect demonstration of that. 

Not to mention the warm, festive atmosphere that is still true today. It is that very same atmosphere that charmed me and convinced me to enroll at the time !  

These are all strong arguments in favour of promoting TBS to young people as they choose their higher education curriculum, and indeed for our graduates who want to reconnect with our alumni network. 

Lastly, I would like to say well done to Guilain Praseuth and his pedagogical team for the vast amount of energy they spent for this amazing event ! 

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