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    1. Wednesday 23rd June to 06:30 PM
      [Barcelona - Online] Fight the climate change

      Business and climate change are not a contradiction in terms!

    2. Monday 28th June to 06:30 PM
      [HR Tribe - Online] Post-Crisis Commitment between Colleagues
      Organized by the group Human Resources PARIS

      Dear Alumni, On 28th June at 6.30pm, a new TBS Alumni event will be held that is open to all. We are fortunate to welcome Bernard Coulaty (TBS 86) to talk about the commitment...

    3. Thursday 7th October to 08:30 AM
      [Immo - Toulouse] Study Tour 2021 by Club des Clubs Immobiliers
      Organized by the group Immovable

      Sorry, this event and the related communications are in French only.