Friends of TBSA

It is because the networks all feed on the combined strengths that we have established partnerships with certain groups in Toulouse, which will allow you to broaden your horizons.

The Foundation: It is written in our statutes that we have a duty of Solidarity, which we take very seriously. That is why we support, with all our conviction, the actions of the TBS Foundation.

AE MBA Association: What a great association than the Alumni of the Aerospace MBA! we are happy and proud, especially thanks to volunteers from the Aerospace tribe, to take action alongside them

Toulouse a Tout: The Club of Toulouse Ambassadors has everything to federate personalities with multiple skills, around a common project: to make known and shine in France and abroad the "Toulouse destination". In your capacity as "alumni" of the largest management school in the Region, perhaps you would like to become an Ambassador of the Rose City?