TBS Foundation



  1. A solidarity fund in the service of two equal opportunities mechanisms (social grants, sponsorship of studies)
  2. Pedagogy: Award of Excellence, Nalpas Fellowship, ANEDD ..
  3. Entrepreneurship: Funding the TBSeeds Incubator
  4. Research: Five Laboratories
  5. International: support for the establishment of new campuses and the recruitment of teacher-researchers


In the field of higher education, as in many others, the battlefield is now global. Attract the best students and teachers, promote diversity of profiles and social openness, improve the working conditions of students, customers and employees, be present in emerging areas or sectors, develop partnerships with companies ambitious and sustainable, this is the road map of the Dean of all the Business Schools of the world..

How many of them will actually exist in this globalized market? In Europe, probably about twenty.
And Toulouse Business School wants to be in!

It is in this context that the Toulouse Business School Foundation was launched in 2008, in charge of mobilizing the energies and resources required for these development projects and offering its donors and partners a transparent, sustainable and fiscally attractive framework..

Banque Courtois and the Association ATALE (Toulouse Association for Home and Student Housing) were the first to join us. Other economic actors followed suit, as well as many graduates, donors in their personal capacity.

Since its creation, the Toulouse Business School Foundation, under the auspices of the Fondation de France, has created 7 special pedagogical partnerships, 2 teaching and research chairs and allocated more than 450 scholarships on social criteria. Thank you to all those who have, or will invest, energy, expertise and funds in this Foundation. They participate in the emergence of a large international Business School..

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