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An inspiring conversion from Supply to Natural Health

01 September 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

Find out more below about Camille Archilla (TBS Education 2011), an alumni who wasn't afraid to change careers.

Camille Archilla's career path began in 2012, after graduating from TBS Education's PGE program. She began her career as a Procurement Consultant for an Airbus subcontractor in Toulouse. Although she held this position for two years, she felt a lack of responsibility.

In search of new horizons, two years later Camille decided to move to Paris to consider broader opportunities. She joined Yoplait as a Goods and Services Buyer. For two years, she supervised three sites in France, acquiring more responsibilities and developing professionally.

When Yoplait merged its support functions with those of the General Mills group in 2016, Camille seized the opportunity to become Regional Supply Chain Buyer for Europe and Australia. It was a very rewarding experience for Camille, who loved traveling and meeting new people. No two days were alike.

She then climbed the ladder to become Manager of External Initiatives within the Supply Chain. This promotion led her to head up a major project: the launch of a new range of Häagen-Dazs ice creams on the Asian market. However, the logistical challenges and increasing pressure put her to the test. As the project progressed, she gradually lost her enthusiasm and connection to the company's values. So she stepped back. What initially drove her in her job was the variety of exchanges and the constant challenges. This was no longer the case. She asked herself: "Is purchasing really my passion? What are my ambitions today? What values are important to me? She begins a phase of introspection and shares her questions with her company, aiming for new opportunities.

During this period of reflection, Camille was supported by APEC. At the same time, she immersed herself in naturopathy to take care of herself. The idea was born: why not share her experience with others? She ended up training in naturopathy to deepen her knowledge of this alternative medicine and be able to share it with others. There are a multitude of training courses and specialities," she confides, "so we had to be careful, as some are more recognized than others. From then on, new questions arose: did she have the required skills? What are her career aspirations? Face-to-face or online training? Can she devote all her time to it? Should she retain a permanent contract?

In 2020, Camille began training alongside her job at General Mills. However, the COVID-19 crisis broke out simultaneously. During this period, Camille telecommuted and found a balance that enabled her to complete both her work and her training. She passed with flying colors and obtained her initial validation. The pandemic led her to reflect on the impact of isolation on her well-being and her distance from her colleagues. She left her job and the capital to return to Toulouse and get closer to her roots. She then embarked on a second training course to continue her apprenticeship and come into contact with professionals. This situation strengthened her conviction. She was trained and guided by professionals who taught her naturopathy based on concrete facts. The ideal opportunity to take a step back on her journey from the end of her studies to the present day.

A year later, Camille became a Natural Health Practitioner. Ambitious in this long-awaited new adventure, she set up a brand-new practice in Toulouse to join other practitioners, and also works in a wellness salon in the center of Toulouse. This dual approach enables her to reach a wide range of customers and benefit from the expertise of her colleagues.

As a practitioner, Camille diversifies her skills over time. Emerging from a stressful professional environment, she began by offering her services to corporate executives, managers and employees. She offers interventions in the workplace, followed by in-depth consultations in the office. However, this strategy failed to produce the desired results. She then turned to women's disorders, particularly hormonal ones, which remain at the heart of her current practice. She guides women in managing their disorders by identifying the potential causes. Her approach focuses on natural treatments and methods to improve well-being. She recommends various approaches, such as dietary supplements, nutritional rebalancing, phytotherapy, foot reflexology and auriculotherapy. Camille also offers support in choosing more natural forms of contraception, as an alternative to chemical solutions.

If you're looking for support for common chronic problems such as painful periods, bloating, fatigue, moments of depression, endometriosis, or if you'd like to take back control of your well-being, don't hesitate to contact Camille Archilla.

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