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"Living for your dream and not someone else's" Rhita AGHRIB

20 September 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

It was a youthful dream and promise that guided Rhita AGHRIB (TBS Education 2023), a Master's student, towards setting up her own business. Following a BTS in international trade, Rhita took a preparatory class in economics and management, and entered TBS Education in 2021 to complete a Master's degree in Marketing and Communication.

Rhita is now a student on the Paris campus, doing a work-study program at Louis Vuitton, where she has joined the events team. At the same time, she is training new arrivals at Maison Vendome.

Ever since high school, she has known she wanted to set up her own business in the fashion world. A project she shares with a classmate Keegan BOAKYE (TBS Education 2023). A year's break between the two years of the Master's program enabled them to get involved in the project. Accompanied by TBStart and then TBSeeds, they created KETA.

The idea was born of a passion for fashion and the difficulties of finding happiness in the offerings of various clothing brands. KETA is a brand of high-quality, streetwear, women's and unisex clothing, created from fabric scraps.

KETA is based on a general observation: many consumers are unable to find clothes that match their clothing style at affordable prices and of good quality.
After a number of market studies on the current textile industry, they realized that it was still a niche market, but that the demand was there, especially among young people.

From the idea to the launch of the first collection, there are a number of steps involved. Follow-up and coordination require a major commitment, which Rhita combines with her studies and work-study program.

In her first year as an entrepreneur, Rhita dreamed of bringing out her first collections as quickly as possible. In the face of various difficulties, resilience and learning, she came to realize that patience and a long-term vision are the keys to developing a quality product range and consolidating a healthy business. "Every idea deserves to be thought through before you launch it, to make sure you're starting out on a solid footing", she confides.

KETA's approach is respectful of the environment, and the antithesis of fast fashion. The two partners decided to create their collections using fabric scraps from other brands, to optimize waste and encourage upcycling. KETA collaborates with Nona Source, an online platform for the resale of fabric scraps from LVMH Group brands. Each creation is unique and limited. When the fabrics run out, the creation stops.

TBSeeds has been a springboard for Rhita and Keegan. They have benefited from strategic workshops organized by the incubator and coaching from various specialists. In particular, they worked with lawyers and chartered accountants to draw up contracts with partner workshops.
The incubator enabled them to develop a friendly professional network and to surround themselves with the right people with a view to growing KETA.

At the same time, Rhita is continuing her studies and is currently doing a Master 2 work-study program at Louis Vuitton. What motivates her daily life as a student entrepreneur is learning and improving her skills.

"As soon as you have an idea in your head and you want to put it into practice, you have to go for it and give it your all. There's no need to put too much pressure on yourself, as some things take time to get right. Keep in mind that you're doing this project, first and foremost, out of passion."

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