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Alexis Murat, student and new partner of easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-loannou

27 June 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

Alexis MURAT (TBS Education 2021), a triple masters student, is also the founder of a fast-growing company on the global market.


At the start of his career, in 2018, Alexis joined TBS Education, attracted by the prospects offered by the school. Driven by boundless ambition and insatiable curiosity, he embarked on entrepreneurial projects as early as his first year. In collaboration, he joined the Overpass team, his first company. L'Overpass is a Toulouse-based "bon plan" application for taking advantage of unique offers at bars and events in Toulouse. With it, he joined the TBSeeds incubator to benefit from professional support. After a while, however, he decided to leave the project.


During the second year of his bachelor's degree, Alexis went on a university exchange to Arizona, which gave him a new perspective on entrepreneurship. During this year, he again embarked on a variety of entrepreneurial and start-up projects.


During his third year of his bachelor's degree, he completed a double diploma at the European University Viadrina in Germany. It was during this time that he came up with the idea of setting up a virtual reality tour company. Driven by his enthusiasm for innovation and virtual reality, Alexis quickly identified the market, the needs, the offer and in particular the areas for improvement to differentiate himself from the competition.


Once he had passed his Bachelor's degree, Alexis was determined to embark on a double Master's degree. The first in International Management at Bocconi University (Italy) and the second in Finance at Bayes University (London).

In collaboration with Léo Bouyssou, a childhood friend, Alexis founded Vizion, a company specializing in personalized virtual tours that create a unique immersion experience. When Alexis told Léo about the idea, the partnership was an obvious choice. Indeed, they complement each other and work hard to showcase their professionalism and skills, in order to win the trust of their customers.

The team rises to the top and reaches a target previously untouched by virtual tours: youtubers. Their first partnership was with youtuber Vodk (3M subscribers).  A give-and-take exchange to gain visibility that would propel them forward. Little by little, Vizion won over more and more well-known customers: PSG, Carrefour, CHU Toulouse, Zenith Toulouse and TFC. The network is expanding, and demand is growing with new needs. Already confident in Vizion's expertise, some customers are keen to entrust them with their digital communications. This makes Vizion an innovative communications agency.


What's most appreciated is the expertise and support offered by the team. A year and a half after its creation, the company has 12 employees and continues to grow.

The company is gradually expanding into the French market. Alexis leads a very busy life, between France for his business and Milan, London and New York for his studies. He works without counting the hours. It's a lifestyle choice in which Alexis thrives and learns constantly.


The year 2023 offers Alexis new opportunities, including the chance to take part in a competition to secure funding for his company, Vizion. The competition is linked to one of his universities, and is run by easyGroup and its founder Sir Stelios Haji-loannou. Despite the challenges, and with the support of his team, Alexis embarks on this adventure, knowing that he is competing against larger companies from all over the world. Step by step, the competition progresses, and one of the events is a meeting to present his company and its ambitions to Sir Stelios Haji-loannou. A great challenge for which Alexis had prepared hard.


From this seemingly innocuous meeting in the context of the competition, a great opportunity arose for Vizion and his team. Impressed by their determination and professionalism, the CEO called on their services, noting their speed and quality of work. In addition to the competition, Sir Stelios Haji-loannou expressed an interest in Vizion and suggested that the founders integrate Vizion into easyGroup. After negotiations, Vizion joined the group and became It is the second French company to join the group.

For the company, this success means an international opening and the prospect of franchising. For Alexis and his partner, a new entrepreneurial dimension is opening up.


At the same time, Alexis embarks on a third Master's degree in Management, Business and Society at Yale University in the United States.


Passionate about entrepreneurship, Alexis pursues his dreams with boundless determination. Today, at the age of 23, he is a triple Masters student in three different cities, running a company that is expanding into the global market. It's a success story that required hard work and sacrifice, which Alexis made without hesitation.

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