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The RSE : a personal commitment turned professional

27 June 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

Mathis Durand (TBS Education 2024), 23, joins the school after two years of preparatory classes. Currently on a gap year abroad, he will be starting his final year of a work-study Master's degree in Audit-DSCG in September. Since joining TBS Education in 2020, Mathis has played a key role as the former head of the ANEDD department. His commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been consolidated throughout his academic career.

Originally from the Drôme region of France, Mathis Durand, 23, joined TBS Education after two years of ECE preparatory classes. Currently on a gap year abroad, he is preparing for his final year of a work-study Master's degree in Audit-DSCG, starting in September.
In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which prevented him from visiting campuses or meeting other students, Mathis opted for TBS Education based on the school's rankings and feedback on social networks. Toulouse's reputation for quality of student life and the presence of the Stade Toulousain also influenced his decision.


On his arrival at TBS Education, Mathis was appointed head of the ANEDD department within the Bureau Du Développement Durable (B3D). This responsibility marks his first involvement with associations outside the sporting field. He was directly motivated by the importance of the event for the school, which puts socio-environmental issues at the heart of debates over two days.

 For him, sustainable development is a concern he inherited from his grandfather, a farmer. His involvement with associations and his interest in sustainable development were reinforced during his time at TBS Education.

In 2021, Mathis was an ambassador for COP2 étudiante, a project bringing together several higher education establishments. This project involved the collaboration of a variety of players to rethink the institutions' commitment to the socio-ecological transition. The results were compiled in a white booklet, and the Grenoble Accord was created to formalize this approach.

Despite not having a professional project focused on sustainable development prior to TBS Education, Mathis also completed an internship with PIXAIDY as a CSR consultant. His internship in this role enabled him to deepen his understanding of social and climate issues by applying his skills and knowledge acquired during events organized by the school.

"If you don't have a career plan when you join the school, that's normal. It will gradually take shape. Take advantage of your time at TBS Education to get involved in an association and develop your skills. They will always be valued and appreciated in your career path." Mathis DURAND.

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