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Théodore Cohen : Conquering the roads of France with Theodore Cohen

18 October 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

Théodore Cohen (TBS Education 2018) joins TBS Education in L3 with option Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion (DSCG) with a specialization in auditing and consulting. He went on to do a work-study Master's at EY, after which he obtained a permanent contract.


Théodore always envisaged a linear career path focused on consulting and auditing. In his final year, he considered the idea of starting his own business, but at the time had only one desire and no precise idea. Although the idea of entrepreneurship appealed strongly to him, he didn't feel quite ready. He therefore continued in consulting for three years, this time with Kroll, which operates on the European and American markets.


Combining the knowledge he had acquired during his studies at TBS Education with his seven years' experience in consulting, Théodore felt ready for entrepreneurship. As a student, he acquired invaluable skills in project management, prospecting and autonomy. As an employee, he has perfected some of these skills, such as financial analysis, building business plans and structuring financing projects.

All he needs now is the idea, the heart of the project. Without looking too hard, the idea came to him during a cycling trip. On his first long bike trip, he realized, as a consumer, that the service was inadequate and could be improved. It was a revelation. Théodore became a consumer with a real desire to improve an existing offer.

Today, Théodore's ambition is to democratize bicycle travel, a fast-growing market offering an ecological alternative and a unique travel experience. Before bringing his concept to market, he spent a year studying market trends, the evolution of demand and supply, and political tendencies. This year is divided between consulting missions as an employee and reflection/action to turn ideas into reality. Once the brainstorming is complete, it's time to get the ball rolling. Above all, Théodore uses his network to find partners, service providers and associates to share in this wonderful adventure.


Everything follows quickly. Thanks to good preparation, he was able to launch almost overnight. And so, in June 2023, Dolcevia was born. DolceVia is the platform for renting electrically-assisted bicycles from point A to point B, fully equipped and designed to travel with complete peace of mind.

The service also includes insurance and the possibility of intervention, various equipment options, and makes available its experience and support (dedicated bike guidance application) to help you plan your trip.


Travelers are free to explore the destinations of their choice, with no need to turn back. After each rental, they can leave the bike in one of the designated areas nearby, and the team will take care of returning it. So you can enjoy your trip in direct contact with nature, without having to worry about the return journey!


Already supported by public bodies, tourist offices and the organization for the promotion of bicycle itineraries, Dolcevia continues to expand. Present in the Paris region, the concept is becoming increasingly popular. Dolcevia's ambition is to open up cycle paths from Paris to the whole of France, encouraging people to travel by bike and discover magnificent landscapes on routes that are still little-known.


Théodore is a fulfilled entrepreneur whose imagination knows no bounds when it comes to developing Dolcevia for the benefit of consumers.

"When you have an idea, trust it, dig into it and see where it takes you" Theodore Cohen

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Patrice BOUILLAGUET (PGE, 1977)
6 months ago
Je suis adhérent d'un club de cyclotourisme (Club Velocio Gaillard) depuis 30 ans. Je suis à l'origine de la randonnée Brive Rocamadour à VTT (25 éditions). Nous proposons des randonnées au long cours (Bordeaux-Paris, Paris-Brest-Paris, Brive- Lauf (Allemagne), Brive-Guimaraes (Portugal), Brive-Platja d'Aro (Espagne)... Aurons-nous du grain à moudre ensemble ? Patrice Bouillaguet promo 1977

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