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Kevin Aroule : Gourmet Entrepreneurship

15 November 2023 Portraits / Podcasts

Kevin AROULE, a 2016 graduate of TBS Education, always dreamed of becoming a firefighter. However, his passion for marketing took over as soon as he began his higher education studies. During his second year at TBS Education, he had the opportunity to complete an internship abroad, which took him to Gascon Connexion, in the marketing department. He also took part in the London Taste Festival, where he discovered his second passion: cooking.

At the end of his studies, Kevin had to choose between staying in the culinary field, focusing on marketing missions, entrepreneurship or exploring other horizons. Motivated and self-confident, he wanted to continue in marketing. In 2018, he decided to team up with some friends to create a company in the field of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, this association of skills only lasted a few years, and the adventure came to an end one two years later.

Kevin then opened up to new opportunities. He discovered the concept of Popotes, Cantine respectueuse, in Paris, an adventure that excited him. Popotes, Cantine respectueuse is a fast-food concept offering made-to-measure meals made from fresh produce prepared on site every day. The heart of the concept is to promote wellness, good eating, proximity and health, using fresh seasonal produce that is healthy, tasty and respectful.

However, he has no experience of fast food, although he has mastered business and team management. To make up for this, he decided to learn on the job by working in a fast-food chain for a year. This experience enabled him to acquire skills and understand the dynamics of fast food. He also attended a two-week training course run by the creators of the Popotes concept, Cantine respectueuse.

In March 2021, Kevin opened his own Popotes, Cantine respectueuse establishment after finding a business in Toulouse. He makes a living from his passions, while being supported by a brand and its network on a daily basis. He benefits from the brand's pre-made menus and communications, but can add his own personal touch, making the method unique in each city.

Opening the restaurant was a real challenge for Kevin, who had to make sacrifices. Starting out on his own, he had to learn to give 100% of his time to the business and to be versatile. From cooking to administration to managing a team of four people, he was able to develop new skills along the way. His time at TBS Education gave him a solid grounding in project management and management.

Being at the helm of this canteen demands a constant commitment from Kevin, in which he takes pleasure in observing the evolution of celle-ci.

For him, entrepreneurship is both an exhilarating and frightening adventure that requires continuous learning. Disconnecting is very difficult, but it's important to do it.

Today, Kevin is selling his business to embark on new adventures in Mauritius, where he has decided to follow his partner. As curious and open to new opportunities as ever, he has come to realize that his path is not the straight line he thought it was when he entered the professional world.

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