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The TBS Alumni Osmose Podcast is Available!

22 March 2022 Portraits / Podcasts

Welcome to the Osmose podcast
A 100% TBS Alumni podcast that shows you, thanks to the diversity of our network, that nothing is written in advance, that you sometimes have to reinvent yourself, take a step back, get off the beaten track, but above all, that you are free to write your own destiny.
So be daring!

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Episode n°1

In this very first episode, we meet Fabien GANDOLPHE, who graduated from TBS Education in 1992 and is now Head of Marketing Transformation at Logitech.

⚠ The podcast is only available in French.

  • 00.00 - Teasing
  • 00.42 - Introduction
  • 03.37 - At the age of 30 you took a year off to travel with your family, how did such a project come about?
  • 06.03 - Did this trip go as planned? What did it bring you, both on a human and professional level?
  • 13.06 - In 2017, you followed a training in sophrology. Does listening to your body help you reconcile your professional life with your freedom?
  • 17.00 - Above all, you have to be able to take time for yourself. How do you manage to combine the pleasures of ski touring or kite surfing with the responsibilities and problems of a Head of Marketing?
  • 20.06 - What advice would you give to Alumni students and graduates of TBS Education to combine professional life and freedom today?


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