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Nicolas EMMANUEL, A career that combines a passion for aeronautics, an associative involvement and an international perspective

01 April 2022 Portraits / Podcasts

Student life and educational well-being are at the heart of TBS Education's strategy. The Business School would like to give its students the opportunity to talk about their experience. For this first portrait, Nicolas Emmanuel (TBS 2022), who is studying for his Bachelor's degree on the Toulouse campus of the business school, presents his choice of career path. After a first degree in pharmacy, he joined TBS Education for its expertise in aviation management and the international perspective it offers.



Reorientation : from pharmacy studies to management


In 2019, Nicolas leaves his native Limousin to settle in Toulouse and join TBS Education. After a year of PACES (first year common to health studies) and a first cycle of studies in pharmacy, he was tired of the traditional university learning system. "The format of the classes didn't suit me anymore, especially the "commit to memory" all day long. I didn't really want to come to class anymore, or learn."



Nicolas chose to reorient himself, with one final objective: to get closer to the aeronautics sector, his passion. "When I made my choice on Parcoursup, in my final year of high school, I hesitated between studying pharmacy and the Bachelor's degree at TBS Education : I knew that it was the only course offering a specialization from the third year and the aviation course had caught my attention."


Following several discussions with a friend who was delighted to be a student at TBS Education and fulfilled in her studies, he joined the Bachelor in Management in 2019, after passing the entrance exam, with the objective of following the Aviation-Management course in the third year, in partnership with ENAC ((National School of Civil Aviation)


A path turned towards the international and the sharing of cultures from the Toulouse campus of TBS Education


Before joining TBS Education, Nicolas' school career had no international resonance. "In the sciences, we have little or no English classes, never a second foreign language... it's rare that this field is internationally oriented". Driven by his curiosity and his desire to open up to foreign cultures, Nicolas decided to follow the Bachelor in English Track, a course in which 100% of the classes are taught in English



Thanks to this choice, he is now living a student experience that he describes as rich and unique. "I exchange every day with Americans, Brazilians, Egyptians and Japanese, during English Track classes but also outside of school."


In an effort to internationalize his studies, Nicolas asked to take his mandatory semester abroad in his second year, in Mauritius. Unfortunately, the crisis in Covid-19 has forced many exchange destinations, including Mauritius, to close their doors. To offer an alternative to the students who remained in France, TBS Education proposed that they be assigned to one of the school's two foreign campuses. Nicolas joined the Barcelona campus, but chose to follow the distance learning courses from his parents' home in Limoges. His impression was very positive. "The subjects were always taught in English, but the program at the Barcelona campus was totally different from the one in Toulouse. I discovered courses like data and international management specific to sales or supply, which I would never have taken in Toulouse."


In his third year of the Bachelor program, Nicolas became involved in one of the thirty associations of the school, and became president of the Student Life office, within the Welcome Team. The Welcome Team is the association of TBS Education that welcomes and integrates international students who come to study at the school in Toulouse, and promotes cultures from all over the world. Each year, the association orients and integrates nearly 150 international students. "At the Student Life office, we support international students in their administrative procedures, both at school and in their life in France, such as with the CAF, the transport network or Ameli. These are things that are simple to understand for a French student, but complicated for internationals". 


Work-study programs as a lever for professionalization and specialization


Today, Nicolas is preparing for the associative election campaign that will designate the successors to the Student Life office, as well as for his next internship, during which he will join the Toulouse Métropole Innovation teams. He would like to continue his studies in the Grande Ecole Program of TBS Education and join the MSc Aerospace Management in a work-study program. "Even if I take the MSc courses in Toulouse, I would like to find my block release training in Paris. Leading companies such as Air France, which could open doors to international markets for me at the end of my course, are often located in the capital. I can see myself doing three weeks in a company in Paris and one week of classes in Toulouse: this would allow me to keep a link with the pink city that I particularly appreciate. If her application is accepted, the school's Careers and Talents department will help him find a work-study program and define his career plan more precisely".



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