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Kenza JENNANE (TBS 2020), creator of MY BODY NEEDS

20 April 2022 Portraits / Podcasts JENNANE, a graduate of the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Master's degree, launched her career as a Naturopath in January 2022 by creating MY BODY NEEDS.


After her end-of-study internship at Patyka, a natural and organic cosmetics company, Kenza chose to devote herself fully to her passion by starting a training course in naturopathy at the end of her studies at TBS.


Naturopathy is a support discipline that aims to improve the well-being of individuals through a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, movement and stress management) and natural techniques (medicinal plants, superfood, hydrology, breathing, etc.).


In his support, the naturopath adopts a holistic approach, which takes into account the individual in his globality (vitality, habits, context...) to better understand his specific needs, and define an adapted program according to them.


Rich in her learning and convinced of the concrete benefits of this discipline, Kenza then created MY BODY NEEDS, a naturopathic coaching service centred on a simple and clear approach to health care: responding to the specific needs of the body.


"A naturopathic consultation is also an opportunity to take a step back from one's habits and observe one's current vitality. You can then redefine your priorities to listen to your body and take control of your health" explains Kenza.


If you want to know more about naturopathy, or about MY BODY NEEDS services, you can consult her website: or contact her directly at her e-mail address:

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