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Review of the webinar 'Chasing imposter syndrome'

19 January 2024 Diplomas

To kick off the year 2024, the HR tribe proposed a webinar to talk about imposter syndrome at work, hosted by Alumni Orianne Gambino (TBS Education 2013).


What is impostor syndrome? The tendency to attribute success to external factors, such as luck. Or the fear of not measuring up. The tendency to sabotage our own chances of success. The feeling of being out of step with other team members.


Participants discussed this syndrome, which is closely linked to self-confidence, and its consequences. Orianne showed us how to identify it and support employees in need.


Stay tuned to the HR Tribe for more events on this fascinating profession!

Orianne Gambino

Leadership Coach

Expertise : Leadership development, Corporate training, Executive coaching, Public speaking and Training

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