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Congratulations to Denis Lacoste for the publication of his book "Les 10 notions clés de la stratégie d'entreprise".

08 February 2022 Alumni

Congratulations to Denis Lacoste (TBS 1982) for the publication of his book "Les 10 notions clés de la stratégie d'entreprise" (The 10 key notions of corporate strategy) published by De Boeck Superieur, Business School collection.

A book that allows you to understand the essentials of corporate strategy.

The book presents the main dimensions of corporate strategy in a synthetic, rigorous and educational manner:

  • Synthetic: the book focuses on the ten main dimensions of strategic diagnosis and decision making;
  • Rigorous: no aspect of the decisions presented is neglected. The main analysis methods used by companies and consultants are presented, as well as numerous academic research results;
  • Pedagogical: reading and comprehension are facilitated by the use of analogies with various contexts outside the field of business, numerous recent examples, boxes and diagrams.

This book is intended for students and practitioners who wish to understand corporate strategy, analyse strategic choices and participate in a decision-making process.

More about the author :

Denis Lacoste, TBS 1982, Doctor-HDR in Management Sciences from IAE Aix-Marseille, is now a professor of Corporate Strategy at our school TBS Education where he has held several management positions.
He is also the author of numerous research articles, cases and books. He provides training and consulting services to SMEs and large companies. He has been a guest professor in many universities in France and abroad.


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