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21 November 2018

Benjamin Soulard launches his website!


Benjamin Soulard (school year 2014) creates his travel photography art print website.


Aerospace analyst at BCG for 4 years, I have recently launched as a side project my selling website for photography. It was before a trip to Thaïland 5 years ago that I read a book about the basics of photography. At first, photography was a curiosity, and it became a passion.

Enthusiast traveler, I try to go and discover the world as much as possible with my camera. Pink lake of “Las Coloradas”, Rajasthan colors, celebrations during the “Dia de Muertos”, Indonesian volcanos or encounters of Kerala. It’s to share those moments that I developed a website which, like the YellowKorner's concept, proposes the best photographs of my travels. All the photographs are printed in France by an art print laboratory. Come have a look, and escape for a time.

Instagram : b.slrd

Très bonne initiative!

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