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10 January 2019

Camille Le Gal (TBS, Class of 2016) has launched her business: Fairly Made!  


  • First of all, tell us a few words about yourself.

I was born in Paris and grew up there before I attended TBS. The entrepreneurial disposition is in my family with my sister and my parents, with whom I am very close, and I’d already done my first project in my preparatory class: an exhibition on La Fratrie with a young photographer.


  • Would you tell us about your time at TBS?

I enrolled at TBS because I wanted to discover the business world quickly. I was in the commercial development Junior Enterprise in from the very start, then I served as its President from 2013 and 2014. I have unforgettable memories of those years, and I recommend that everyone experience being a part of an association. Another thing was that I took advantage of all the slots available so I could do a maximum of internships: at Vuitton in Sales Merchandising, then in Peru at a small enterprise, and finally at Chanel as a Business Analyst. At school, I followed the M1 entrepreneurial course and the M2 International Business OP.


  • What led you to start this project?

The first position I had after receiving my degree was in Hong Kong as a project manager at an advertising agency where I had the chance to meet lots of people, and step outside my comfort zone. By joining a permaculture group and closely following the work of the NGO “REDRESS”, I was able to reduce my mode of consumption, especially as to the industry in which I always worked in: that of fashion and ready-to-wear clothing.



The Project:

  • Would you tell us about your project?

Fairly Made® is a sustainable sourcing company in the textile sector. With our network of affiliated factories, we produce the responsible collections of large companies. For more information go to and follow us on Instagram


  • When and how was this project conceived?

It was conceived in Hong Kong late one night with Laure, my associate, who was travelling for work. We considered different business models, and kept this one because we would have the most impact in the sector. The idea was to identify all the best industry practices and to prove that ethical fashion could be desirable. After nearly two years of working on the project while working at our jobs at the same time, we officially launched our business in June 2018.  


  • What is the added-value of your project?

The true difference is in our knowledge of our industries. Brands don’t have either the time or habit of asking about the origin of the threads that make up their fabrics, and even less about the raw materials. With our Fairly Made® indices, we’ve studied the flow of production and we know all the manucturers we work with, from the thread-maker to the factory.  

To that, we’ve added the experience we gained at fashion houses to develop an inspiring tone for designers who value the men and women who work on these products. At our showroom companies will not only find a library of sustainably-friendly materials, but also protypes that show off the skill of our manufacturers.  


  • What is the status of the project?

We opened our business at the right moment because the market is evolving and established brands don’t know how to respond to it. The consumer is no longer deceived and wants to know the story behind his or her clothing. Other great projects by TBS alumni have already proved this, such as those by Hopaal and PILI (which is also our mentor)! At the end of 2018 we signed on with Galeries Lafayette for their GO FOR GOOD collection. Additionally, we work with two French ready -to-wear companies on ventures that are still a secret. We also regularly speak at seminars to raise awareness and to encourage teams to rethink the nature of their supplies.


  • And the future?

The goal is to become a European benchmark in the responsible sourcing sector and to help as many brands as possible change their habits. For the short term we are going to begin hiring, and by the end of 2019 find a new premise as part of a partnership.  





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