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22 October 2020

[21/11/2020] - GENERAL ASSEMBLIES : your votes count!

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« Action is the starting point of commitment »

An Annual General Meeting is not just another meeting, it is THE meeting for all members of TBS Alumni. If official protocol is respected for sending out the invitations, they are not however a message in a bottle : they are a real invitation to share in the life of the association of which you are a member 

This year, in view of the health crisis, we will not be able to meet up in person. Nevertheless, with the constant progress made by the association, we provide you with the opportunity to participate in the development of TBS Alumni. We therefore invite you to join the meetings at a distance :

 Special General Meeting followed by Annual General Meeting 
on November 21st 2020 at 10am

Please remember to sign up in order to receive the connecting link

The exceptional circumstances give cause for a specific organisation. 
From today, you can see the subjects that will be put to your vote. On 21st November, the results of your votes will be published and we will reveal a summary of our projects for the coming year 2020-2021.

The three voting sessions concern : 

  1. Special General Assembly : In line with the constant progress made by the association, the statutes need to be updated. Right from now, you can read the articles which we submit for amendment. 
  2. Annual General Assembly, the purpose of which is to present the Annual Report and the Financial Report. We invite you to read these reports and to give your votes with distarge right away. 
  3. Renewal of the Members of the Executive Committee : You can discover who are candidates in the following paragraph, and read their letters of motivation by connecting to their profile pages. You can, of course, vote for those who have convinced you of their commitment!




Introduction to the candidates : 



Pierre Hurstel, PGE 1980


Clément Guerrero, PGE 2016


Charles Lerminiaux, MS MIT 2017














Lionel Roques, EMBA 2013


Romain Lanusse-Croussé, PGE 2008


 Julien Condamines, PGE 2006














Raphaël Nadar MS 2007 
























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