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A tripartite project that is bearing fruit!

19 March 2024 Association

ESCadrille and TBS Alumni have made a joint commitment in 2022 to the inclusion of all TBS Education talent, for the benefit of the TBS Education Foundation.

A virtuouscircle between the three entities, a strong symbol of commitment and "Give Back ":
For each study commissioned by an Alumni from the Junior-Enterprise of TBS Education, ESCadrille, 10% of the amount of the study is donated to the TBS Foundation to support equal opportunities through the solidarity scholarship scheme.

In 2023, the fruit of this product/partage sponsorship agreement amounted to €2,179. This donation to the TBS Education Foundation is the result of 5 studies carried out with alumni.

"Today, this donation is particularly important to us as it supports social equality within the school. It is therefore an honor for us to contribute over €2,000 to the foundation's scholarships. This initiative is also a way of building relationships with alumni, a real asset to the school. Finally, this partnership is part of our desire to be a major player within TBS Education and to give back to the school a part of what it gives us.

We'd also like to thank the alumni who put their trust in us this year, because without them this would not have been possible. The partnership with TBS Alumni, the TBS Education Foundation and ESCadrille will be renewed for 2 years, and we will be signing the latter with Stéphanie LAVIGNE very soon."

Killian PICHON, Vice-president of ESCadrille

"Maintaining a privileged relationship between the TBS Education Foundation and its Alumni is essential to facilitate access to quality education for all learners regardless of their background. We would particularly like to thank the Junior-Entreprise and the Alumni for their commitment to the Foundation ".

Aminata DEMBELE, Deputy Managing Director of the TBS Education Foundation

🎯 ESCadrille

For over 44 years, ESCadrille has been the solution par excellence for market research, digitalization strategy and much more. It has established itself as the benchmark Junior Enterprise, winning the title of Junior Enterprise Of The Year in Europe!

⭐ The TBS Education Foundation

Created in 2008 by a group of graduates eager to develop intergenerational mutual aid the TBS Education Foundation aims to support the development of TBS Education in its ambition to train inspiring and responsible leaders.

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