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A look back at the volunteer seminar in Barcelona! πŸ”₯

26 March 2024 Association

The annual volunteer seminar took place in Barcelona on March 16 and 17 under a dazzling sun! It was a week-end of reunion, reflection, sharing and benevolence. We reveal more without further ado. πŸ‘€

TBS Alumni wouldn't be so dynamic without the involvement of its volunteers! To thank them and encourage them in their initiatives, the association organizes an annual seminar.

For this occasion, we invited around twenty committed volunteers to return to the school benches. Previous versions of the seminars have been held in Paris and Toulouse, but this year we wanted something new to motivate the troops. We headed for Barcelona and its new campus!

The objective?

Get together for some, meet each other for others, but above all, exchange ideas on a central theme common to all: network management and future trends.

Watch the video for a glimpse of the week-end! πŸ‘‡

Today, we are 52,000 Alumni students and graduates of TBS Education, but our network is not limited to this statistic. TBS Alumni is also :

> 160 committed volunteers around the world,
> More than 60 dynamic clubs, chapters and tribes,
> And a team of 8 optimistic and ambitious employees!

What a pleasure it is to get together once a year to hatch and develop the ideas that are so vital to the attractiveness of our network.

We look forward to seeing you soon with future events in France and abroad:
afterwork, roundtables and new formats to discover very soon!

(We look forward to seeing you there.)

And if you're interested in volunteering, have a bit of time to spare or a few ideas to share, we'd love to hear from you!
At TBS Alumni, there's no list, no test, no minimum time commitment or skill requirements. All you need is a smile and motivation. πŸ˜‡ So, are you up for joining us?

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