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Behind the scenes of our team video 👀

23 February 2024 Association

Imagine yourself, a Wednesday morning, 10am. Brainstorming session around the following question:
"How can we highlight the team, volunteers and members of our precious TBS Alumni network?"


The communications department is in the middle of a brainstorming session. Ideas are flying in all directions!
Suddenly, a number caught our eye. It's 11. The equation is simple.
We may be 52,000 alumni, but to simplify the calculation, we've divided them into large families.


> 8 employees + 1 chairman + 1 representative of the Tribes (theme groups) + 1 representative of the Chapters (geographical groups) = 11.


The count is good! And you believe in chance?

Eleven is the exact number of players on a soccer team!

Greg's eyes lit up, and it was at that precise moment that everything happened very quickly.


"We need to tour a stadium! How about the TFC stadium?"

"Excellent idea, we'll be able to pose like the pros and have our own celebration."

"How do we choose the positions? Who will be a defender? Who will be a striker?"


The team's creative spirit never stopped dreaming, until the project became a reality!


➡ But then, how did we organize ourselves to carry out such an ambitious project in just 15 days?



Step 1: Casting.

11 actors available on the same day, at the same time, in the same place.

- 8 employees: we all showed up. But we had to add dubbing on certain takes.

(thanks to our additional actors Christophe SUMA and Romain BECKER ).

- 1 chairman: ours is irreplaceable... and lives in Barcelona. It's a good thing our videographer is talented!

- 1 Tribu representative: Laurent VACHER (TBS Education 2012) - the boss of Tribu Immo bosses.

- 1 Chapter representative: Steven BETITO (TBS Education 2014) - a very loyal volunteer in Paris and Toulouse.


"It's perfect, we've got the team!"

"Yes, but a soccer team without jerseys..."


It's a good thing the BDS was there. We stole the soccer team's jerseys!


Step 2: The cameraman.

No videographer, no camera... no video. So we called on Andréa DESANTIS (TBS Education 2016). Our indispensable and faithful videographer! And in terms of editing and special effects, he really pulled out all the stops on this project.


Stage 3: The stadium.

In order to make a video worthy of a soccer club, we had to find a stadium available for filming. As you know, at TBS Alumni we don't do things by halves. We had several shots in mind, some in the changing rooms, others on the pitch (we thought big! 🤩).


But where to find it? In the network, quite simply.


Thanks to Sébastien DUHAMEL (TBS Education 2007), now Chief Marketing Communication and Digital Officer of Toulouse Football Club, we had access to the mythical Stadium.



Stage 4: Filming. 1 day top chrono.

First shots filmed in the morning in our offices and then at school.

Early afternoon, off to the Stadium. Enthusiasm is at its peak, and we're all shivering.



Un travail d'équipe 100% TBS Alumni que nous sommes fiers de vous présenter. 

Thanks to our volunteers, Andréa, Sébastien and the whole team for this extraordinary shoot!

For those with a sweet tooth, here's a little bonus.... backstage direction 👀

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