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Your Feedback to the TBS Alumni Survey

09 May 2022 Association

We asked you to help us better reflect on our future last March 22', while making you better aware of our credo. The aim of this collaborative reflection was to adapt our missions to your needs.

We propose you today the reflection results:

TBS Alumni is an association under the law of 1901, founded in 1987 by TBS Education Alumni.

TBS Alumni Association :
- a team of 3 full-time employees helped by part-time students and active volunteers around the world
- A Board, composed of the salaried General Delegate, the President, 3 VP's and a treasurer, all TBS alumni and volunteers

- A Committee of Administrators  composed of 15 administrators, all volunteers and alumni of the school


The TBS Alumni Association, the TBS Education School and the TBS Foundation are founding a triptych with common values and vision in order to create a synergy. 

You are right! Our main missions are well :

> Promote a powerful network
> Support the school's reputation
> Maintain and develop links between its members
> Propose job and internship offers

But also :

> Supporting students
> Propose on our website products and services created or developed by Alumni

1.Let's reunite TBS Education students and graduates around convivial events
Thank you to our volunteers! We have good news: after the pandemic period, our meetings are starting again!

Check out our agenda to see what's happening near you!

2. Let's promote professional & business connections :
This is indeed one of our missions. Check out our two platformes: TBS Social Network & Espace Business Alumni.

3. Help the employability of Alumni, whether students or graduates
Good for you!  And this is made possible thanks to the 'exclusive' job offers proposed by many of you, but also thanks to the support of the alumni coaches listed on our website

You ask us for more news about TBS Education: it's understood! We work together to provide you with the information you need.

> You are interested in Alumni Portraits, we will propose you more and more of them, and you can now listen to the Osmose Podcasts by TBS Alumni.

> You are hoping for more news concerning your promotion, the Contribution of TBS to Sustainable Development, the state of the job market by sector... We are going to work on these subjects, notably with the help of our volunteers of the CSRD Tribu and the HR Tribu, we hope to satisfy you quickly.


> You are not familiar with our site and its sections: we are working on an overhaul of this platform, which will be presented to you in September. Stay tuned!

> Few of you use our application: a modernization is necessary, it is under consideration!

> You seem to be satisfied with our communication methods, and in particular with the management of mass mailings that we have streamlined for several years. You also appreciate our newsletter: thank you! And we will continue to improve it, we promise!



Some of you find the information too centralized on the Southwest, remember that you can manage your subscriptions to receive the information that interests you!

You find it useful, you know that it allows for more 'refined' searches than those of social networks, that it is a good way to get in touch with Alumni and that it guarantees that the people who are listed are really TBS Education graduates or students... And that's already a lot!

But many of you never use it, think it is incomplete, or do not know how to use it...

Our team is working on improving it, to allow you to better exploit it, and don't forget, updating your profile regularly guarantees its reliability!

One place to find all Alumni, TBSocial Network

A few things to know:

> 50 000 Alumni referenced in TBSocial Network
> 86% of valid emails,
> on average, more than 3,000 individual profile updates (including yours?)
> an ultra-safe directory: learn more

Again, thank you, you show your spirit of belonging by your desire to help the school and its Alumni!

We have shared with TBS Education your desire to be a jury's member, and we will soon provide you with a platform that will allow you to know how to apply for this type of mission.


To contact us or share your ideas, only one address :


We are committed to responding to each of you!


We are pretty close to your expectations, but we still have a long way to go!


Dynamism   Solidarity    Humanity    Indépendance


They and we make a promise to you, we will continue our actions, in order to :
Re-unite to create value - Create and animate a solidary link - Maintain efficient, benevolent and winning relationships

Do not hesitate to contact us, help us to improve!


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