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With you, we build the future of TBS Alumni!

16 March 2023 Association

[Annual Survey] How can TBS Alumni be more useful to you?


We won't teach you anything: TBS Alumni is the association of students and graduates of TBS Education.
A community of more than 50,000 Alumni, rich in generational, professional and cultural diversity that makes it unique!Β 


πŸ‘‰ We are asking you today to build together the future of TBS Alumni.
You are in the best position to help us understand what you need, how the association can remain your ally from your student years to the end of your career.

πŸ’‘ Are the services we offer useful to you? Do some of them not exist but could be?Β 
Tell us all about it, now is the time!Β 


🎯 Our goal: to be ever closer to you, at the heart of your personal and professional lives, so that you feel involved in your community.

The challenge of this collaborative reflection is, as much as possible, to adapt our missions to your needs... because without you, we have no reason to exist!

(⏰ estimated time: less than 10min time in hand)

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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