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14 March 2021


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Sevan Bonis-Costes (TBS 2011) has always been fascinated by the power of the spoken word. He has been an amateur theatre actor for 20 years. He is an HEC-certified Coach.

Sevan offers to share his skills with people looking for help in public speaking : writing speeches that tell a story; working on stage presence (voice, rythmn, gestures, attitude, movement) and stage fright management.  

Preferred rates (25% off public prices) for fully paid-up members of TBS Alumni network, including:

  • Support sessions for public speaking
  • Coaching sessions on problems related to deconfinement (active listening, re-committing teams, identifying obstacles, etc.)
  • Assertiveness training, team-building, public speaking, amongst others. Please contact Sevan for more details of services available. 

Services are provided in French and English, in Paris or at a distance. 

Click here to contact Sevan 

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