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12 March 2021

François KIEFFER-SCHWOB (TBS 2012) - Financial and investment advice

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In 2015, François KIEFFER-SCHWOB created FG STRATEGIES : An independent financial advisory firm in Montpellier.

Restore the spirit of the "Family Advisor" 

The firm's ambition is to promote financial and investment services in a spirit of trust and closeness, like the traditional relationship with the "family advisor".

FG STRATEGIES intends to position itself as the trustworthy partner for most personal, financial and real estate projects

The brand emphasizes very close support and finely-tailored solutions. It endeavours to provide made-to-measure and attainable portfolios with high vallue-added services and strict monitoring.

Just like its founder whose ambition was to place the humain relationship at the heart of his professional relationships, the core values at FG STRATEGIES put the emphasis on the human aspects for its development and recruitment to ensure fair and sustainable satisfaction and success. 

FG STRATEGIES serves individuals, liberal professions and their families.

The key financial services include : 

  • Retirement plans 
  • Tax optimization (help and tax advice, solutions for tax reductions) 
  • Family protection plans (pension funds, budget guidance, life insurance) 
  • Global investment plans and legal advice (inheritance, family law, company creation advice)  
  • Brokerage and real estate investment advice, refinancing, restructuration
  • Advisory role for real estate investment

The firm proposes an initial appointment free of charge to establish your needs and identify a strategy to implement, optimize or monitor portfolios. After this initial appointment, the firm will then be able to provide a detailed action plan. 

Appointments can be organized in Montpellier or by videoconference. 

Preferred rates are applied to consulting fees for all members of the TBS Alumni network (- 25% on public prices).



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