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Roder 5 Optimizing, profiling for human resources

20 April 2022 Entrepreneurship

Erwan COUSSINOUX (TBS 2022), Arnaud GEBEL DE GEBHARDT (TBS 2024) and Tom Folcher have created a start-up to provide companies with an innovative methodology in the fields of profiling and recruitment based on a new generation expert system.


The objective is to go beyond any pre-constructed image of a personality by providing innovative solutions to guarantee the quality of recruitment, professional mobility, auditing or coaching missions.

The methodology of the tool is based on the use of interactive exercises for an effective candidate-recruiter exchange, while minimising the risk of personal interpretation.


To meet this challenge, the company has combined the complementary skills of highly experienced HR experts such as HR managers from companies and public bodies, HR consultants from international companies and profiling trainers, with three students, young professionals, who are responsible for managing the strategy.


Erwan, Arnaud and Tom decided to take part in this adventure, first of all, for their attraction for profiling (science of behavioural analysis, an essential point in management). At the same time, the opportunity to learn about the company's management model gave them a sense of responsibility and commitment.


Their objective: to place the right person, at the right time and in the right place.







The tool


The expert system on the market is currently the fastest and most efficient personality detection tool on the market. It is easy to use, from the moment a survey is taken to the moment it is read. It thus allows user companies to stand out from competing companies when recruiting.


Beyond these qualities of personality study, it is a real tool for structuring and dynamising the employees of a company:

● Precision of positions on 48 soft skills

● 360° study of behavioural potential

● Improved support for employees

● Optimised orientation of training plans

● Improvement of the complementarity of employees

● Increase in productivity and profitability


Its history

As Arnaud explains so well, this system did not originally have a commercial interest. It was developed to meet the expectations of national and international organisations (such as NATO, WTO, IRSN...) in order to optimise the management of employees in tense and risky situations.

Built in collaboration with professionals, this project gave birth to a multicultural, inclusive and non-restrictive tool. Its objective is to go beyond the pre-constructed image of a personality in order to highlight the potential of employees and the synergy of teams.


The actions

Roder 5 Optimizing provides a solution for companies who wish to internalise their recruitment thanks to the software, but also for those who outsource their recruitment thanks to the support of a consultant.


The start-up offers 3 distinct and evolving packages:


  • "Profile", which allows the study of the involvement capacities and the behavioural dynamism of a candidate or employee on the basis of 48 soft skills. This provides an extensive knowledge of the personality.

  • "Expertise", beyond the study of involvement and dynamism, is also an interview guide to enhance the recruiter's reflection during behavioural and motivational studies of candidates and employees. It offers the possibility of personalising the results of an automated study thanks to a personal contribution.

  • "Management" which is a complete solution including a consulting service and training days. Thus, it is a system managed by the company, in collaboration with a dedicated consultant.

Find more information on their website:

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