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08 July 2019

Return of the Arctic expedition of Patricia Batovska (TBS 2021)!

Patricia Batovska (Promo 2021) is a student of TBS who made an Arctic expedition to combat climate change. 

"My name is Patricia and I just finished my first year at TBS, which was a pretty amazing year for me.

Just after my internship I went to the Arctic to participate in an environmental expedition: Arctic Climate 2019!

The expedition brought together about 80 people from 27 different countries and its purpose was to observe the consequences of climate change by ourselves, to gain knowledge on this subject and to leave inspired and determined to share what we learned in our schools. , communities and countries.

Honestly, it certainly worked well in my case, and I'm not the only one. See the melting ice, observe all the animals I had never seen before, discuss with scientists the harmful impacts of global warming on ecosystems, listen to locals talk about the consequences of all this in their lives ... This leaves an impact on you very easily and makes you want to make a positive change.

In addition to presentations for schools and associations, book with simple ecological ideas and posts on my blog, which I had planned to do, I committed myself, with all members of our team, to another project. We decided to raise awareness via a new green challenge every month, which we will share on social networks.

If you want to join the initiative, we start with #plasticfreejuly (July without plastic)! ''

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