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Leave Toulouse behind and move to the country : The choice made by two of our Alumni

16 December 2020 Association

 « The lockdown and seeing our boys living in a cage made me realize just how much I hadn't intended their childhood to be that way »


Servanne REGENT and her husband, Yves (TBS 2010), decided to leave Toulouse and city life at the end of the first lockdown. They headed to the Burgundy countryside where there is no noise or visual pollution. This decision helped them find the balance in their lives that they has been missing. 

«We had often talked about the life we wanted and what we felt would be the best life balance : to get away from that feeling of always running after time. Today, the time we used to spend commuting is now spent on myself and on the family».

These two Toulouse inhabitants didn't actually have anything to complain about as they lived in a house with an outside area. Lockdown wasn't the only reason why they left, but it sped up their decision. The former manager in business real estate insisted that "I loved my job but both my husband and I didn't have any time for our relationship and for our children".

Their new house near Beaune provides a quieter environment closer to nature. The children now have more room to run around in and can discover the fun of having a chicken house in the garden.

«Success is in the meadow»

The couple has not given up on their professional ambitions. They have decided to set up an entrepreneurship together and run it from the country. They have created "La réussite est dans le pré".

"We decided to set up a rural coworking concept. In the future and with the evolution of teleworking, people will be able to choose to work where they want to live and not the other way round."

Servanne and Yves want to create coworking spaces in the heart of villages, "Its time to stop draining the rural areas in favour of the big cities».  

When asked what they missed most after leaving Toulouse, Servanne immediately replied with irony "eating in front of the tv thanks to Deliveroo or Uber Eats". Yet as far as gastronomy is concerned, she can rely on a healthy diet in her newly adopted home "We eat better, very close to where the food is produced". 

If you would like to know more about La réussite est dans le pré", and if you want to contact Servanne, you need to be logged in as a fully paid-up member. 

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