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Jobs & Traineeships : Hire & be hired through the TBS Alumni network!

04 June 2021 Association

Who is better to hire an Alumni than an Alumni? 

One of our major objectives at TBS Alumni is to simply and efficiently introduce Alumni to each other on a range of subjects, in particular, on your employability. For this reason, we provide employment and traineeship opportunites within our Mutual Support section. They come exclusively from the TBS Alumni network, in addition to the TBS Job Board, Jobteaser.

Please feel free to consult these offers. Alumni are invited to post your own offers too!

Alumni professionals in the Employment section also offer to provide help for writing your applications, for preparing you for interviews.. 

N.B. To English-speaking applicants, all offers are posted in the language they are received in. Help from Alumni is possible in English and is specified in the contact's information.


Exclusive offers by Alumni


Help by Alumni


 Job Teaser Offers 




To increase your networking opportunities with TBS Alumni, join us on social media 


In a effort to make communications as clear and precise as possible, employment offers, traineeships and work-study placements that are published on our site, are also relayed in the groups TBS Alumni specific to employment. We invite you to join the TBS Alumni Jobs & Internships groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Join us now and catch every employment opportunity by TBS Alumni, wherever you are!

* TBS Graduates up to and including year 2017 are invited to pay a life membership fee to enjoy all our services. For more information, click here.
All other members are invited to show their spirit of solidarity by becoming a donor Member of TBS Foundation. For more information, click here.

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