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Become a player in your TBS Alumni network!

07 December 2022 Association

Whether you are a student, a young graduate, an employee, an entrepreneur, or a retired person... If you like TBS Education or have good memories of your student years, take part in its reputation and dynamism as a volunteer within TBS Alumni!

Don't worry, you will be free to choose your involvement in the association, there is no small contribution. Together we can make great things happen!

Why should you get involved as a volunteer?
- Federate, create links, provide support and mutual assistance between Alumni
- Develop your professional network, find experts/partners, recruit 
- Realise a project that is important to you
- Participate in the annual seminar of active volunteers

How to get involved?
- Co-organising events within our communities 
- Sharing expertise and interests to promote the network
- Leading a
Chapter or a Tribe alongside passionate Alumni: 

The role of the volunteer in a Chapter
(geographical communities)

The role of the volunteer in a Tribe
(thematic communities)

Afterwork in London

Cooking Class in Barcelona

- I know my region/city* (activities and key places) which allows me to organise events and meetings between Alumni,
- I give local advice (installation, employment...), 
- I coordinate my actions with TBS Alumni 

* If my region has only a few members, I am an ambassador and that's already a lot!

- I have a certain interest in a profession (real estate, HR.) or I have a passion (gastronomy, sport...), without borders, 
- I can organise events, write articles on specific topics,
- I can help the association and advise Alumni on business issues
- I coordinate my actions with TBS Alumni and the
local chapter if there is one.

Ready to join the adventure as a volunteer?

For questions or further information, contact us 💌

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