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23 October 2020

EArise Consulting - Coaching for long term performance

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EArise Consulting, founded by Martine and Jean CHAILLET (TBS 1991), supports the development of your company. 

The consulting firm provides you with the means to increase long term performance by concentrating on two essential aspects :

  • The structure : organization, processes and methods
  • The human dimension : motivation and commitment on both individual and group levels, cooperation.

At the moment, we are experiencing an unprecedented situation because of the COVID health crisis. Any crisis represents both a threat (the risk of bankruptcy) and an opportunity (restructuring where needed). This crisis accelerates change where transformation is already in progress. 

Despite (and because of) the whirlwind we are witnessing, it is important to take the time to pause and think about the the right path to take.  

The following services we offer can be tailormade to suit your needs and have different objectives  :

On a company level :

  • Identify performance indicators
  • Accompany the changes to made : reorganization of teams and / or decision makers, setting up processes and process improvement, project management, etc.
  • Give meaning and consistency by working on corporate vision. 

On a team level :

  • Reduce tension
  • Rebuild teams and (re)introduce cooperation between members
  • Empower and engage  

On a managerial level :

  • Relieve stress
  • Help decision-making and implementing confirmed changes to be made
  • Recover the sense of purpose and motivation
  • Improve skills on different levels, in particular, gaining in leadership skills, taking the right approach, supporting teams throughout the change process. 


On a leadership level :

  • Stepping back to reflect on your own situation and that of your company
  • Making the appropriate decisions
  • Regaining a balance between your personal and professional life
  • Reducing stress levels

We provide our customers with support based on thirty years of experience in management, leadership, consulting, training, coaching and team building. We build the best solutions WITH you talking into account your objectives and your budget. 

We have a practical, caring and stimulating approach. We can intervene both in French and English, via videoconference or in person (Rhônes-Alpes region). Special rates of -20% on our regular rates apply for TBS Alumni.


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