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22 April 2021

Jean-Paul GRUMEL (TBS 1981) proposes a youth mentoring program, "Un Jeune Un Mentor"

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Jean-Paul GRUMEL, who graduated in 1981, is a consultant for FIDESNFO IT Security. He tells us about his citizen project called Un Jeune Un Mentor, 1 young person, 1 mentor, which is deployed by his association, EDUC15, in the 15th suburb of Paris.

How did EDUC15 come into being ?

I passed my CNAM professional certificate training in 2017 on management of training programs. During the course, I was particularly interested in support procedures and I did my work placement with a training establishment where my mission involved identifying bakeries who would take on students on work-study placements in sales.

I went on to set up the association, EDUC15, the mission of which is to provide civic orientation and educational support, professional integration and sociocultural animation in the 15th suburb of Paris. During the next 2 years, I helped 6 people with their studies and a total of 12 people succeeded in finding their traineeships, work-study placements or employment. 

The citizen project, Un Jeune Un Mentor

On 27th March 2021, this citizen project was launched online with the participation of :

  • Ilana Cicurel, European MP and founder of the association, Je M'engage Pour l'Ecole
  • Sophie Bosset-Montoux, Director of CIDJ,
  • Dominique Restino, Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris,
  • Catherine Ibled, Paris City Councillor and founder of the association, Territoires Solidaires d'Avenir.

The project was initially called "1 young person, 1 Godfather" and involved helping students affected by the health crisis by giving them psychological support, food supplies and personal hygiene products. Local associations are now carrying out this part.

It was renamed Un Jeune Un Mentor to realign the objectives of orientation and professional integration, and the organization, CIDJ, will soon provide training to mentors on the resources at their disposal. 

In the meanwhile, the pairs of students and mentors are being put together and I have created a Entrepreneur's Club within EDUC15 who have the capacity to support mentors on their core professons. Audrey Rigonnaud and Alexandre Marin Fantuzi from the TBS Paris HR Tribe are part of the program and are helping a student who is looking for a traineeship in Environmental Law.

In addition, Francisco Ramirez, who is in charge of the organization, FIDESINFO, has agreed to initiate young people interested in cybersecurity within a personalized learning program. 

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