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22 April 2021

Camille CARDEILHAC (TBS 2014) - Solé : Wear eco-responsible flip-flops for this summer !

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Flips-flops that are more responsible, ethical and that respect the environment 

The story behind Solé / who we are : 

We are two young French entrepreneurs. Manon Bissuel lives in Lyon and I (Camille Cardeilhac) live in Tarbes. We met during our Master's studies at Montpellier Business School that I did after doing my Bachelor degree at TBS. We had worked in different areas in France and abroad. We have been friends for 7 years and we have always wanted to set up a business together. Our personalities are complementary. 

The idea of flip-flops sprouted on a trip : Camille noticed just how much everyone everywhere wore them but the majority were made of plastic ! On my side, I have always wanted to develop business in responsible fashion. So it was quite natural that we came together on the idea of developing a more responsible flip-flop that is ethical and more respectful of the environment. When we took a closer look into the French flip-flop market, it was quickly apparent that responsible options that are Made-in-Europe were few and far between (or lacked style or were unknown). It is true to say that the flip-flops we wear are made from petrol-based plastic. Moreover, the majority of flip-flops sold in Europe come from Asia or Brazil. The fact that these little bits of plastic that don't last more than one summer and that end up as debris polluting the oceans means their carbon footprint actually takes a real hit.  

At a time when ecology is of utmost importance, each and every designer has a role to play in working towards more responsible fashion. This ambition, together with the desire to create a business together, and a committed interest in responsible fashion, have given rise to Solé.

The summer of 2021 will see the launch of our first collection, and you can preorder on Ulule (campaign ends 14th May):

Preorder on Ulule

The flip-flops : 

Our flip-flops are made from recycled, natural materials that are in turn 100% recyclableMade in Europe, they are intended for the French market and made in the north of Portugal, less than 1000 km from our French warehouse. We have managed to get within a 1000 km radius in Europe which is no mean feat for an innovative product like ours which involves a mix of specific materials, recycling and manufacturing techniques that are uncommon in Europe.  

In addition, they are comfortable and have a slightly curved sole, plus they have a modern and stylish design. Our men's collection comes in two colours : navy blue and cork. The women's collection comes in three colours  : natural, rust and cork.  

The project's impact : 

Our project has a positive impact on the environment and man. 

  • Our flip-flops fit into a circular economy approach : we are planning a recycling system. 
  • We garantee they come from ethical manufacturing methods in a human-size factory. 
  • They are resistent and longlasting. They are mainly made of cork, a regenerating material which is part of an ecologicial approach, sourced in Portugal, the leading producer country. 
  • We donate 1% of our sales to Ocean Sole, a social company in Kenya that employs locals and works towards collecting flip-flops and turning them into sculptures.

The brand's line of expansion : 

When we have made a responsible footprint with our flip-flops, we intend to develop an entire beach wear range as well as eco-responsible accessories. By manufacturing locally, in France, Europe or the Mediterrean Basin as per each countries' specific capabilities. 

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