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Annual General Meeting: 120 years of graduates

19 October 2023 Association

As you know, TBS Education is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year.
This anniversary is not only that of our beautiful school, but also that of all the Alumni who have contributed to the history of TBS Education.

why our annual party will be based on the theme "120 years of graduates"!
(We couldn't forget you 😉)

The Annual General Meeting: you're all involved!

It's not just another meeting, it's the annual meeting of all TBS Alumni members: a concrete invitation to participate in the life of the association of which you are a member.


If you are a volunteer or have a project you would like to work on with us, you can apply for the position of Director on the TBS Alumni Administrative Council, by contacting us before November 5.

Each and every one of your votes counts when it comes to electing Board members. Voting will take place online from November 13 to 22 via your private space.

How to vote?

❗ Only paying Alumni students or graduates can vote.

Problems with online voting? Write to us 💌

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