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Ethi'Kdo, the responsible gift card!

11 February 2022 Entrepreneurship

Séverin Prats (TBS 2007), former professional rugby player and TBS Education Alumni founded the non-profit cooperative ethi'Kdo in 2019.
This Mission-based company offers gift cards of eco-responsible products and experiences by federating the actors of a more human consumption.


> How does it work?

The ethi'Kdo gift card is valid online or in local ethical shops and allows you to choose from over 3 million eco-responsible alternatives. It is also possible to use it for eco-gestures or donations to general interest associations.

Several hundred partner stores work with ethi'Kdo, promoting zero waste, fair trade, Made in France, and solidarity-based recycling. You can find on the site the brands Label-Emmaüs, 1083, Recyclivre, Slow Cosmetique, Artisans du Monde, Dream Act, Time for the Planet, or other TBS alumni such as We Dress Fair and Hopaal.


> Why an ethical and solidarity-based gift card?

Séverin had the idea of creating an ethical and solidarity-based card in 2018 when he was looking for a gift for the farewell party of a "consumer-sceptic" colleague who only bought second-hand or zero waste products. He then realised that no multi-brand card offered this type of product or any other form of positive impact consumption.

The idea of offering an alternative by bringing together those involved in more humane and ecological consumption around an ethical and solidarity-based gift card was born, giving rise the following year to ethi'Kdo.

> What are the modalities?

Ethi'Kdo's mission is to promote a society that respects human beings and the environment. Partners, associations, customers and employees are directly involved in the service of sustainable consumption.

The hundreds of partner stores have been selected according to strict social and environmental criteria that promote sustainable consumption. For example, none of ethi'Kdo's partner stores practices Black Friday.

> And where are we today?

The ethi'Kdo card has now enabled 2 million euros to be redirected towards sustainable consumption.

It is also an ideal solution for helping companies to commit to the ecological transition. By choosing the ethi'Kdo gift card rather than a gift card from a major retailer, they can halve their CO2 emissions.

And the impact of ethi'Kdo goes even further, since 83% of ethi'Kdo's CSE clients were encouraged to propose other ecological actions within their company.

While the militant insurer LA MAIF has chosen to replace its goodies with ethi'Kdo gift cards, many CSEs are also offering the ethi'Kdo card to their employees for Christmas, including Capgemini, Safran, Biocoop, SAP and, of course, the people of Toulouse at Airbus!

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