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Emilie Riviere (TBS 2008) offers coaching sessions to TBS students and Alumni

08 September 2020 Community

Since February 2020, Emilie Riviere (TBS 2008) supports her clients in their personal and professional goals, by practising Co-Active Coaching.

Following her master’s degree at TBS - Toulouse Business School, Emilie decided to pursue a career abroad. After holding various positions in different countries, mainly in the area of purchasing in large multinationals, Emilie felt the increased need to get to know herself better in order to better define her life purpose. Following very positive experiences with coaching, she wanted to embark on the adventure in order to be able to give other people what she was able to benefit from thanks to coaching: a feeling of serenity, of alignment, confidence in herself and in her ability to evolve into what makes sense to her.

Coaching and Emilie

Coaching allows for a unique relationship between two individuals: this is what touches Emilie, who now wishes to continue creating these beautiful human connections and help all those who desire a life that makes more sense for them and who wish to learn how to know themselves better.

Today, Emilie offers coaching sessions to TBS Alumni 's network!

Following her training program with CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) to become Co-Active Coach, Emilie is currently finalizing her certification program to become CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), accredited by the International Coach Federation. As part of her certification, Emilie can offer free coaching sessions remotely (via Zoom), in French and in English, and is delighted to have TBS students and Alumni benefiting from it!

What Coaching can do for you:

  • Attentive and caring listening
  • Personalized support to accomplish your goals
  • A journey towards your own responses, answering your unique challenges
  • Better knowledge of yourself and your limiting beliefs
  • The implementation of simple and pragmatic actions, to improve your daily life and to lead the way towards well-being

And what is Co-Active Coaching?

“Co-Active” refers to the balance between BEING (“Co”) and DOING (“Active”).

BEING: to leave each person the necessary space to be fully themselves, and to define: Who am I? What do I want in life? What are my values? What are my dreams? What are my internal resources? What makes me thrive?

DOING: to put actions in place, move forward and ensure a transformation.

Emilie will be delighted to create an authentic and meaningful coaching relationship with anyone willing to get to know themselves better and move forward with their Life Purpose!


Want to know more ? Contact Emilie here or check out her website.


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