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Come and participate in a treasure hunt in the heart of Toulouse!

19 September 2022 Entrepreneurship

The Rallye des Pépites, a fun treasure hunt through the companies of the Toulouse agglomeration, aims to discover the economic and industrial potential of your territory from the perspective of professional diversity and female entrepreneurship. A true VIS MA VIE business event, it also allows you to discover several business sectors and companies in Toulouse. 


In teams of 4 people, you will go from one company to another and put yourself in the shoes of the employees to take up the challenges that will be proposed to you.



By participating in this event, you will take part in a day of integration and cohesion with the students of Toulouse Business School, represent the colors of your school to the actors of the Toulouse economic fabric, meet recruiters and develop your professional network.... All this in a good mood! 



You will find internships with the following companies: 


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