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The Cheer Up Association needs you!

25 July 2022 Students

The aim of the Cheer Up association is to help young adults and teenagers with cancer to realise their personal projects, by accompanying them on a daily basis. It is within this association that the Into The Ride project was born in 2016.

But what exactly is Into The Ride?

  • A race based on the principle of "Peking Express" organised in a European country, the destination of which remains a secret until the day of the big departure.
  • 12 teams made up of TBS students,
  • 2000km of hitchhiking, where for 8 days they canvass for food and accommodation and compete against each other during the activities that have been organised for them.

Each team shares its adventure with a young hospitalized person, the main objective of the challenge being to break the isolation caused by the disease and to take the young hospitalized people out of their daily life during this unique adventure! To do this, the teams communicate and exchange with their youngsters via messages, stories, videos and video calls, etc.

The Into The Ride 2021 edition was a real success, both for the participants and for the young people in hospital, who all came out of this experience delighted.
For those of you who are curious, here is the Instagram account where you can relive day by day everything that happened during the adventure.

However, this great success is marred by an element that is proving to be problematic: the cost of repairing the vehicles used during this edition. Indeed, during Into The Ride the organisers drive minibuses in order to transport participants in case of difficulties during the hitchhiking or simply to take them to the planned activities. It is not uncommon for vehicles to be damaged at such events due to the unusual size of minibuses for students. However, this time the situation was peculiar because the rental agency asked us for an unreasonable amount of money to pay for the repairs.We have contested this amount, but we will not be able to cover the full cost from our cash flow.

Indeed, due to covid-19 it has been much more difficult to raise funds for the project (as we are canvassing all funds ourselves to organise Into The Ride). Combined with the unreasonable amount of fees that were charged, this partly explains why this year these fees cannot be covered by our treasury. In this case, the costs would be borne by the drivers, and more broadly by the Into The Ride organising team.

Therefore, to cope with this, we are setting up a fundraising campaign. Any donation whatsoever will be useful to us, so a big thank you to all those who will help us raise the amount needed! 

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