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25 November 2019

Angélina Malécot (TBS 2013) Creator of KAELES

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Founded in 2018 by Angélina Malécot (TBS 2013), KAELES is a French brand that is strategically linked to the idea of movement, exchange and racial mixing.
The mission of our brand is to promote clothing that expresses and brings together cultural diversity. With KAELES, we take the liberty of adopting different styles and transforming them into a new style harmony. KAELES is part of the slow fashion trend. We showcase a limited selection of models, all of which are designed to last longterm. Our offer includes unique items made by hand.

The purpose ?

To raise 6500 euros in order to invest in the production of our first capsule collection called « We Wax The World ». This line of clothing is inspired by the vibrant colours of wax cloth, an iconic material at the crossroads of several different cultures. The designer has put the emphasis on African traditions, transposing them onto emblematic pieces of clothing from other countries, and using a modern cut. And that is the origin of "áo dài", the kimono and the bandana celebrating cultural diversity and hybridity.

Made In France
All the clothes are made in the "goutte d’or" Paris-Africa suburb.

Why wax cloth ?
Wax cloth came from Indonesia, and was updated in Holland before becoming popular in Africa, Ghana and the Ivory Coast... wax cloth is global and echoes many different cultures. It is the perfect material to incarnate our brand values and demonstrate our multicultural policy. It has established itself in global fashion for its elegant, modern and flamboyant qualities. 

Link to the campaign
As an business owner, participatory financing is an ideal way to encourage exposure, test our collection and find the first ambassadors of our brand. The campaign ends on 14th December 2019.



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