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A Trilateral Project Is Born!

25 April 2022 Association

ESCadrille and TBS Alumni commit together to the inclusion of all TBS Education talents, for the benefit of the TBS Foundation.

A virtuous circle between the three entities, a strong symbol of commitment and "Give Back: 

For each study commissioned by an Alumni to the Junior-Enterprise of TBS Education - ESCadrille, 10% of the study's amount will be donated to the TBS Foundation in order to contribute to the solidarity grants, thus promoting the inclusion of students.

🎯 ESCadrille

For more than 44 years, ESCadrille has been a leader in market research, digitalization strategy and much more. It has established itself as the reference Junior Enterprise by winning the title of Junior Enterprise Of The Year in Europe!


⭐ The TBS Foundation


Created in 2008 by a group of graduates wishing to develop intergenerational mutual aid, the TBS Foundation aims to support the development of TBS Education in its ambition to train inspiring and responsible leaders.

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