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51%, A strategy game where all the moves are allowed to become president

21 March 2022 Association

On March 15, 2022, Damien Cozette, founder of the publishing house DoersWave and creator of games, launches the presale campaign of 51%, a funny strategy game played between friends in which all moves are allowed to become president.

When the cards play with the presidential election...

51% is a strategy game printed in France with over 100 cards.
2 to 6 players are required to start a game. Two game modes are possible: each for himself or by team. Each player has 7 cards and plays one in turn. The first player to reach 51% of the votes wins the game. The conquest of power, however, will be full of pitfalls and twists!
You can attack the other players to slow them down and get ahead. You can dodge opponents' dirty tricks and counter-attack, and finally, you can call on superheroes to crush the hopes of your competitors.

51% will be enjoyed to both those who love politics and those who are not interested:

It is above all a fictional game for fun with friends.

"In real life, the people who govern us are blameless citizens. So any similarity with real facts can only be the result of chance..." laughs Damien Cozette, creator of this game.
The best way to win the game is to be a little cunning, to attack the other players and to betray your allies as soon as you can.

About Damien, the game creator

In 2017, after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, Damien Cozette left his job to create his publishing house, DoersWave, with an original and resolutely independent business model. The idea is to systematically use online pre-order campaigns before publishing, the objective being to print a fair number of copies to avoid wasting unsold copies.
He has also emphasised local know-how since his publishing house has its production printed in France or in neighbouring countries.

To date, the publishing house's two bestsellers, the M3 Journal (a method for achieving one's goals) and Ciao Comfort Zone (which allows you to progress while having fun) have sold more than 25,000 copies and 56,000 copies respectively on the Internet. On the strength of their success, these two books have also been published by Leduc.s and Hachette Marabout, making them available in physical shops.

Usually, Damien Cozette publishes self-help books that focus on practical application rather than just theory. 51% inaugurates a new collection of games with a simple editorial line: have fun and share good times with friends. Two euros will be donated to APF France Handicap, DoersWave's logistics partner, for each pre-order registered.

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