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01 June 2022

Feminin Leadership

This second part gives the floor to three women who encourage the youngest among them to be more daring in order to achieve their goals: to combine their professional careers and family aspirations with a certain balance, including in their roles as mothers, alongside the fathers of their children.

Audrey Rigonnaud (PGE 2006) nexplains that while women's leadership is different from men's, it is gaining recognition. It brings to organizations, with its difference, a collective strength that allows for the overcoming of crises, mutual understanding that allows for incredible energy savings, consensus building that avoids long-term disengagement, and communication, a source of innovation and motivation. It thus helps to fight against dehumanization and disengagement at work.

Jennifer Labatut-Darbas agrees and suggests above all that women should avoid the imposture syndrome and take power in order to see many more women in high responsibility positions.

Béatrice Korsakissok co-creator of a company with her husband, reminds us of that women with their leadership style are complementary to men , and that a good mix leads to more exchanges, intellectual agility, performance through co-construction and less open conflict. She suggests that women invest in mentoring and networks of women entrepreneurs and leaders to be present in all types of positions and "inhabit the vision".


Before joining Toulouse Business School in 1995, her professional career was in finance, accounting and management control with Siemens.
For TBS she has developped various Aerospace Management and other more general International Programmes. (Aerospace MBA (1999- ), TBS-IIMB Aerospace MBA (2015- ), Aerospace Management PGE Option (2002- ) for the last year of Master in Management studies, International Seminars TBS with Partner Universities around the world (1995- ), Toulouse Barcelona Summers School, Toulouse - Ljubljana "East meets West" Summer School....). She is managing and co-chairing the Advanced Master in Air Transport Management in partnership with ENAC for TBS since 2011.
In 2014-2015 she developped and launched the first international Aerospace MBA programme for Aerospace Executives in INDIA with IIMB - Indian Insitutue of Management, Bangalore.

Her main research interests are in cross-cultural, international, and European management, multicultural teams and workgroup diversity, culture change and the sharing of knowledge in international organisations. With these topics she conceives corporate executive development programmes and works on various consulting, coaching and training assignments with multinational corporations, particularly in the high-tech industry and the aerospace sector (Airbus, Liebherr Aerospace, Thales-Alcatel Alenia Space, British Aerospace, ICL Europe, Paribas, Rolls Royce, Siemens and others..). Cordula also works on a EU Horizon 2020 research project on mobility of qualified employees (2018-2022 -
Cordula has been involved in several other research projects with an international focus; one that looks at the perception of social justice across cultures. In another research she collaborates since several years with a global research team on the study of the impact of language on international business. She was also leader of a European research group on Work, Employment, and Health (TES ? Travail, Emploi, Sant?) at Toulouse Business School (2013-2017) and is conducting research on cross-cultural management, diversity and international human resource management with a European perspective. Cordula is also a country investigator for France and some "under-researched" countries for the GLOBE 2020 project, looking into leadership and organizational behaviour (
As a visiting professor Cordula lectures to MBA and Executive classes on International, European Management & Global Leadership in many partner universities around the globe. With her work and research experience in several countries of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia she also has published in several languages, particularly in the field of multicultural management. Among other assignments, she was for 10 years visiting Professor at Arizona State University, USA (1995-2005).
She is happily married and working mother of two children.
In 2017 she obtained together with a European Network of academic Beneficiaries and Airbus Group a European Research grant (Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - the European Union's reference programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training) of 3,9 mio ?.
GLOMO - Global Mobility of Employees 15 early stage docotoral researchers explore and research about global mobility of skilled people in today's workplace.
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