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08 June 2023

Sobriety is part of the adventure

Published by Jean-Louis CAZES (TBS Education 1983) | N° 105 - Business and sobriety

Jean-Marc PeYRARD [TBS Education 1990] 

Président de MAKARANDA

To say that Jean-Marc PEYRARD is an automobile enthusiast is a mild understatement! Most of his career has been spent either with car manufacturers or in event management companies working for car manufacturers. The latest company, MARAKANDA, primarily focuses on organizing events related to the world of automobiles and mobility in general (product launches, seminars, etc…).

Jean-Marc, if I say "energy sobriety"?


Immediately, I don’t feel particularly concerned due to the small size of my company. So no large facilities to manage, no fleet of company vehicles, a limited but monitored carbon footprint. However, I still feel a sense of responsibility, especially considering the sensitivity and scrutiny of the automobile industry.

We are certified by ECOVADIS which is a platform for evaluating CSR performance and responsible purchasing in relation to our economic partners.


Do you see in MARAKANDA's activity the expression of a search for energy sobriety, even indirectly?


Yes certainly, our activity regularly takes us abroad, and we have to seek out locations that are compatible with energy efficiency, if only for the transportation of vehicles and personnel.


The sensitivity ans scrutiny of the automobile industry.



Once on site, we are very vigilant about waste management, electrical equipment and of course the use of hybrid vehicles.


If we approach the issue of energy efficiency from a CSR perspective, could you give us some concrete examples of the MARAKANDA method?


Of course, with the example of the micro-plastic cleanup activity that we organized during a seminar in Ibiza. This allowed us to work on the question of how to use an environment to effectively engage and educate a group of clients. A donation to the Ibiza Preservation Foundation completed this activity.


In the same way, we are setting up a workshop to combat coastal erosion in the Camargue National 

Park and we are also installing a bivouac for 300 people in the strictest respect of the environment (solar showers, waste sorting…).


Are there any examples among your clients of actions towards greater energy sobriety?


In fact, I work with HYVIA, a company close to the manufacturer Renault, who develops hydrogen mobility solutions and offers a complete ecosystem from the Master H2 to the electrolyser via the fuel cell. 




Thank you Jean-Marc for your active collaboration with the magazine La Tribu and your patience with your novice  interviewer!  My pleasure!



Interview by Jean-Louis Cazes TBS 1983



Jean-Louis CAZES (TBS Education 1983)

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