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18 October 2021

After the Covid 19 pandemic, how will the “World after” be shaped?

After the Covid 19 pandemic, how will the “World after” be shaped?

A year and a half of distancing and digitalisation against the backdrop of the health crisis, and there is a question that recurs in all debates: What will we have learnt from this unprecedented period?

If this health crisis has shaken us in our reference points and personal lives, it has also questioned our relationship to work, it has called into question managerial certainties and performance models, and it has questioned the link between the individual, the collective and the environment. Managerial skills have emerged as crucial to the management and success of organisations: Empathy, resilience, adaptability. Never have ways of working and professions evolved so quickly, never has the management of transformation been so crucial.  

In our school, at TBS, 100% of the teaching has been provided in a distance format for more than a year and a half. A revolution in our training model, accompanied by professors who were able to revise their teaching methods and who, on this occasion, won the World prize for the best pedagogical innovation! A revolution accompanied by the commitment of our students who were able to adapt to this 100% remote context. 

A school that has resisted but a school empty of students and teachers, does it still have the same soul?


The start of the new school year in September 2021 and  we are happy to return to this 'normal' life, which is no longer quite the same. Among the lessons learned from this unprecedented period : The sacredness of the classroom and the importance of learning places; the reflection on the right mix between the classroom and  distance learning; the importance of solidarity and the collective to resist; the urgent need to develop our training courses to accompany the new needs and expectations in terms of skills for the companies which have emerged.

For this health crisis, while it has shaken us deeply, it has also released opportunities and revisited our thinking.
More than ever, we will have to innovate and reinvent ourselves.

More than ever, we will have to train throughout our lives.

Stéphanie Lavigne
General Director of TBS education



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