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11 June 2021

TBS Alumni Directory? An independent and protected tool for you

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Your TBS identity is first and foremost represented through your TBS Alumni profile. It is vital to keep your profile up to date if you want to strengthen your employability or hear about, and be invited to, events organized all over the world. 

But what about the safety and confidentiality of your personal information ?

Your data is handled by human beings and not algorithms. The majority of staff at TBS Alumni are TBS students and Alumni. We manage the directory with care and in line with the values of our school. 

Your information will never be commercialized 

Some details (for example, those concerning your salary) are not visible in any way. The only people who have access are the staff of the association. They may provide totally anonymous statistics only to press or certification organisations. All TBS Alumni staff are required to sign confidentiality clauses within their work contracts. 

Any doubts left ?

You have all rights on the choice of information that you share and with whom you share it. You can trust your associatoin and enjoy all the benefits of your network by updating your profile. To do so, click on the button here : 

Stay informed about the TBS network which includes more than 40000 members worldwide !

Hungry for more information ? Click on our Legal Notice.



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