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10 May 2021

Jean-Louis CAZES (TBS 1983) - Project with a link to the Summer Olympic Games in Paris 2024

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An opportunity for companies to associate their name with the Olympic adventure at a very attractive rate.

In 2024, France is organizing the Summer Olympic Games ! 

How can you seize this great opportunity to be associated with an ambitious and inspiring sports project. How can a true social and societal strategy be developed around supporting young French sportswomen who are particularly deserving? 

After over 20 years' as managing partner of the group, À La Une, Jean-Louis Cazes (TBS 1983) has changed tacks to become the agent (as they call him "double agent") for the defending French champions in Beach Volleyball to support them develop their partnership strategy. 

Their names are Alexia RICHARD and Lézana PLACETTE, and they are both members of the French Beach Volleyball team. They have been training together since 2013 and they have their sights set on a medal at the French Summer Olympic Games. They are defending French Champions, seeded 54 out of 1200 in the world. 

Beach Volleyball has been an olympic discipline since 1996. It is played in many countries as is a great spectator sport with a great deal of style. The game has the values that totally warrant being side-by-side with those of your company! 

Therefore, the idea is to create a group of appoximately 15 companies who share the same values and an economic interest to come together. 

Sports partnerships create opportunities to meet up on a regular basis (e.g. for lunches) during which all parties can exchange about how the sports project is progressing, and also how the companies are interacting with each other.  

It is truly possible to imagine real return on investment by being in close contact with our winning sports personalities.

So you just can't miss out on the excitement leading up to the Olympic Games and you don't want to be deprived of the chance to be part of such an achievement in your own special way! 


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2 months ago
Merci à l'équipe de TBS Alumni de mettre en avant ce projet sympathique et si des anciens ont envie de participer, un
numéro: 06 82 59 16 88. N'hésitez pas!

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