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Pierre Souloumiac Profession of faith

18 October 2018 Professions of faith


Hello everyone,

It is almost ten years already that I have the honor and mostly the pleasure to assure the direction of the publication of the magazine of Alumni "The Tribe", which will celebrate next year its hundredth edition, and to animate an editorial committee as professional as exhilarating!

For the event of the 99th edition in its thematic file, which is being closed, the editorial committee has just explored through the Alumni who exercise their talents there, the world of the press whose economic model is having a revolution.

Their testimonials converge and show a general deterioration of the reliability of information, accompanied by a major danger for the sovereignty of editorial board facing Internet, the cost-free culture, the diabolical algorithms of GAFA and, consequently, for the free exercise of the freedom of the press and democracy in Europe and in the world.

Making mine the parable of the hummingbird "Everyone must do their part!", So I swear to put all my honor, not to become a real thief as the newbies were swearing in the 80s, but to defend the independence of the prestigious press organ of TBS Alumni that all the Business School of the world envy us.

It is therefore with a renewed ardor that I present my candidacy to the Board of Directors because it seems to me judicious that the director of the publication of the Tribe is close to the governance of the association to marry its purposes while retaining editorial independence!

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Souloumiac



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