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Martine CHAILLET (TBS 1991) - Emotional Intelligence : Finishing with Myth #3

05 May 2021 Careers

There are a lot of myths around Emotional Intelligence! Last time, we explored the second one: being emotionally intelligent only means being kind, and sensitive to the needs of others. It doesn’t generate performance! Let’s explore the third one!

Myth #3 : We can not lead a team with emotions, it would be ineffective and a sign of weakness!

A computer has no emotion (for the moment). Would you like to be managed by a computer?

If you want your team to follow you, especially during tough periods, during changes, do not speak (only) with your head but speak with your heart, with your guts. You have to develop your inspirational leadership skills to be more successful at driving change.

You will be able to articulate a vision or mission that resonates emotionally with both yourself and your team. Indeed, several studies have found a strong association between EI, driving change, and visionary leadership.

Emotional intelligence is essential to lead teams, particularly in difficult times like changes and crises.

In conclusion

In order to excel, leaders need to develop a set of EI competencies. EI is far more complex than commonly described. Being supported in their growth is sometimes necessary.

Article written by Martine Chaillet, Professional Coach and member of our Mutual Support Services

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